Scintillation Nanotechnologies

Next generation detection of radiolabeled compounds

Revolutionizing the sensitivity, selectivity, and temporal and spatial resolution of measurements in demanding biochemical assays.

Product Families

nanoSPA™ and aquaSCINT™

A new era in the detection of radiolabeled compounds. With the potential for continuous, high resolution, multicolor measurements in live cells, aquaSCINT and nanoSPA enable entirely new measurements, applications, and research insights.

aquaSCINT and aquaSCINT-IC

More versatile than scintillation cocktail, aquaSCINT and aquaSCINT-IC enable continuous non-specific detection of radiolabeled compounds in aqueous environments with high sensitivity, no organic solvent, and a marked reduction in waste.

nanoSPA and nanoSPA-LA

A family of nanoparticle scintillators specifically designed for scintillation proximity assays (SPA) in aqueous samples. nanoSPA and nanoSPA-LA offer several advantages over traditional SPA products.

Our Technology Platform

Due to their unique chemical and physical properties, Scintillation Nanotechnologies’ products offer unparalleled capabilities in both routine and demanding applications.

Our proprietary radioisotope responsive nanoparticles were specifically developed to overcome the shortcomings of existing radioisotope detection products.

No Organic Solvent

Use directly in biocompatible solvents and solutions

Silica Surface

A silica surface makes the nanoparticles easily dispersible in water and provides an ideal platform for surface functionalization.

Small Size

Our nanoparticles average 300nm in diameter making them small enough to be incorporated into cells.

Low Density

In addition to their small size, a low density makes our materials stay in suspension longer than competing products.

Our Products

Scintillation Nanotechnologies offers a range of products for detection of radiolabeled compounds.

Compatible with existing scintillation counters and capable of detecting commonly used alpha and beta emitting radioisotopes, we offer the following products tailored to your research needs.


For non-specific radiolabeled compound detection in biochemical proximity assays. Aqueous and live cell compatible, no organic solvent, continuous measurements, and significant reduction in waste.


Same features as aquaSCINT but modified for easy incorporation into mammalian cells. Capable of continuous, intracellular measurements eliminating the need for repeated sample preparations.


A family of products that offer improved dispersibility, stay in suspension longer, and feature a versatile, easily modified surface that brings breakthrough capabilities to SPA.


Same features as nanoSPA but with an added coating to reduce non-specific adsorption in your most challenging SPA assays.

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