Scintillation Nanotechnologies

aquaSCINT and aquaSCINT-IC

The next generation in non-specific detection of radiolabeled compounds. More versatile than scintillation cocktail, aquaSCINT and aquaSCINT-IC enable continuous non-specific detection of radiolabeled compounds in aqueous environments with high sensitivity, no organic solvent, and a marked reduction in waste.

Product Features

The unique chemical and physical properties of aquaSCINT and aquaSCINT-IC offer unparalleled capabilities for your non-specific measurement challenges as well as enabling entirely new measurements and questions to be asked and answered.

Organic Solvent Free

Eliminates unpleasant odors, extra steps and the storage and disposal costs associated with conventional scintillation cocktails.

Aqueous Compatibility

Make continuous measurements in a wide range of samples including live cells; reducing or eliminating repetitive sample preparation and saving time, money, and precious materials.

Intracellular Measurements

aquaSCINT-IC is easily incorporated into mammalian cells, making continuous, sensitive, non-specific intracellular measurements now possible.

Sample Recovery

Test and recover samples; aquaSCINT and aquaSCINT-IC suspensions can be centrifuged and the sample solution can be recovered easily.

Waste Reduction

Compatibility with aqueous and biocompatible solutions eliminates numerous mixed waste experimental conditions and subsequent storage and disposal costs.

Application Notes

Drug Uptake

Monitor cellular uptake of radiolabeled drugs in viable drugs over time.

Precious Samples

Test and recover samples (e.g. radioactive lathanides and actinides); aquaSCINT suspensions can be centrifuged in a typical benchtop centrifuge (1600 g).

Transporter Activity

Query native transporter activity by measuring the intake of radiolabeled substrates.

Time-resolved Measurements

Make continuous measurements in a single sample without destructive solvents or surfactants.

Our Technology Platform

Due to their unique chemical and physical properties, Scintillation Nanotechnologies’ products offer unparalleled capabilities in both routine and demanding applications.

Our proprietary radioisotope responsive nanoparticles were specifically developed to overcome the shortcomings of existing radioisotope detection products.

No Organic Solvent

Use directly in biocompatible solvents and solutions

Silica Surface

A silica surface makes the nanoparticles easily dispersible in water and provides an ideal platform for surface functionalization.

Small Size

Our nanoparticles average 300nm in diameter making them small enough to be incorporated into cells.

Low Density

In addition to their small size, a low density makes our detectors stay in suspension longer than competing products.

Product Guidelines

Instruments and Detectors
aquaSCINT is compatible with most PMT-based scintillation counters (blue variants), and CCD-based instruments (red).

Scintillation Counts
aquaSCINT is a polymer-based scintillator and will yield lower total counts per unit of radioactivity in most experiments than scintillation cocktail or inorganic crystal-based scintillators

aquaSCINT can be used in scintillation vials or multi-well plates

Organic Solvent Compatibility
aquaSCINT is not compatible with many organic solvents including acetone, ethyl acetate, toluene, benzene, dimethylsulfoxide, and acetonitrile.

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Product Resources

aquaSCINT Product Sheet

aquaSCINT Brochure

aquaSCINT-IC Product Sheet

aquSCINT-IC Brochure

Product Specifications

Compatible Isotopes

  1. 3H, 14C, 22Na, 32P, 33P, and 35S


Red approximately 615nm
Blue approximately 430nm

Particle Size

Approximately 300nm

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