nanoSPA™ Product Family Downloads

Next generation scintillation proximity assay materials designed for specific radiolabeled compound detection in aqueous samples, nanoSPA and nanoSPA-LA offer several advantages over existing scintillation proximity materials due to their small size, intermediate density, and versatile surface.

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nanoSPA Brochure

His-Tagged nanoSPA Product Sheet

Protein A nanoSPA Product Sheet

Protein G nanoSPA Product Sheet

Streptavidin nanoSPA Product Sheet

nanoSPA Concentration Test Protocol

aquaSCINT™ Product Family Downloads

The next generation in non-specific detection of radiolabeled compounds. More versatile than scintillation cocktail, aquaSCINT and aquaSCINT-IC enable continuous non-specific detection of radiolabeled compounds in aqueous environments with high sensitivity, no organic solvent, and a marked reduction in waste.

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aquaSCINT Product Sheet

aquaSCINT Brochure

aquaSCINT-IC Product Sheet

aquaSCINT-IC Brochure

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